About Me

Hello Beautiful World,

I am Cal!

The purpose of my blog is to inspire others to dream big and achieve greatness (whatever your definition of greatness may be)! Greatness is made possible through community; and I am here, in hopes, to help you find your community and inevitably your greatness. Friends and guest columnists are encouraged to showcase their strife and adversities, and how each of them used their setbacks to inspire comebacks. We are a community and team striving for one thing: happYness.

I named my blog “HappyforHappYness,” with the intentional and capital “Y” in happYness. Happiness is very personal and subjective; and so, my hope is for you to find your “Y” (why) in happYness. Whatever your “Y” may be, just make sure it adds value to your life.

Life is beautiful; let’s enjoy it together!

I believe in you,


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Reading your blog works it’s magic… One can only be happy in doing so! Keep sending the good vibes to the world and continue to take your happy self and happy smile to all corners of the world- checking off that bucket list. You make a great ambassador for our country in doing so! Cheers

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