“Live a lil and laugh at yourself”

Dear Reader,
I was asked to write something for this blog about a month ago, and I kept putting it off because I couldn’t figure out how to articulate exactly what I wanted to say (sorry Cal!).  For anyone that knows me, they’ve gotta know how hard I find it to fully tell a story (or convey anything) without the help of hand gestures and facial expressions, but I’ll do my best, cause often times that’s all ya can do.
It’s a strange thing to think of, “happiness,” because it’s really different for everyone – something that might make one person grin from ear to ear could be the bane of someone else’s existence.  Happiness can be felt in eating a peanut butter and pickle sandwich (mom) or splurging on Kylie’s latest Lip Kits, or even scoring tickets to the Rose Bowl or finally picking off that one scab that came from a scratch on your ear; but however you look at it, “being happy” is complex because it takes so many forms and fluctuates so aggressively from day to day.  What I do know though (I think), and what I hope you can take from this post, is that simply being patient with yourself in learning to appreciate happiness in all of its random forms can work wonders amidst this strange rollercoaster of a life.  After brainstorming and writing multiple drafts of this, I could boil down all of my random ideas into 8 major takeaways that happen to be little phrases and tidbits I not only tell myself on a daily basis, but also the people that I love the most and keep closest to my heart (#5 goes to 4005).
Now I leave them here for you:
1. Everyone is human
  • No matter what struggles you may encounter in your life, everyone you interact with is also dealing with their own personal struggle: they have emotions, feelings, wants, desires, aspirations, and setbacks just the way that you do. People make mistakes, but also feel the need to find redemption; people may wear their emotions on their sleeves and lash out on others, or may stay reserved in hopes that someone reaches out to them. But at the end of the day, we are all human, living and breathing and trying to get through life one day at a time…imperfection is healthy, and teamwork makes dreams work
2. Smile!!
  • Make someone else in your life smile and it’ll make you smile too…smiles never hurt (smiling also releases endorphins – try it out when you’re working out next time; it helps take the pain away from that .5 mile run you’re just about to call quits).  Show appreciation and gratitude to those you love, and show love to those that you feel like could use a little pick me up in their day – crack a joke, spare some change, wave hello, give a hug, send a text – it could make someone’s day.

3. Everyday is a new day

  • Every time you wake up and get out of bed, you have a whole 12 hours (more or less) to accomplish SOMETHING. That something could be anything, whether it’s finally starting that diet that you’ve been meaning to for 5ever, exercising at some point during the day, catching a few extra zzzz’s (or not reaching for the snooze button!), sorting out your career path even though you’ve exhausted nearly all your options…whatever it is, when you wake up in the morning you have the world at your fingertips.  Get out there, eliminate that one pesky justification that you’re holding on to to not do something, and just do it.  Take a chance and be in the moment. And if you aren’t successful with it, be patient with yourself, because you have another chancetomorrow – patience pays.
4. Everything happens for a reason
  • Sometimes you may have those moments where you feel like you finally have some sort of grip on everything going on in your life; other times (most times) you may feel like everything’s falling a part all at once and everything is spiraling out of control – these ups and downs and general swings and loops of life I think are what allow us to appreciate the good moments, and also give us a chance to recalibrate ourselves.  Take and appreciate the bad moments just as much as you accept and relish in the good moments: you can’t have one without the other; if things in your life were just ALL good ALL the time, then even amidst “all the good things,” there will still be some “lesser good things,” which would then still just be considered “bad” things.  These fluctuations are gonna be there whether you want them to be or not; you just have to ebb and flow with the motion of the ocean. You can’t force fit something into your life that isn’t mean to be there in the first place – time always moves forward, everyone and everything grows and changes at different paces, and it’s whether or not you grow with someone or apart from someone that can determine whether or not a relationship or friendship will last; you can’t control it, no matter how hard you try, so just let it come.
5. You win some you lose…a lot
  • but it’s all about how you get right back out there and show them what you’re made of, because we’re all made of something mighty
6. Do yo thang/You do you/go ahead with yo bad self
  • Be yourself in the best way possible, and don’t let the haters bring ya down…RISE ABOVE!!!  If you’re having a good day, relish in it – if you’re having a not-so-good day, roll with it, order some cheesy fries, watch some Triple D, and engage in a competitive wet willy fight. Live a lil and laugh at yourself, and relax the way you know best
9. The sun is always shining 
  • Even on the cloudiest days, the sun is still gonna be there to give you a fog burn. Get out there and find the sun…it might even be in the middle of Iowa (@Tess)
And last but not least
8. Believe in yourself.
  • (and if you can’t do that alone, find other people that believe in you, and hold them close)
There it is. Take what you may from it –

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