When you make time to do the things you love, you will make a life you love.

I have found that whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed with the what ifs or the could bes of life, it is in those very times, that I am not adding the things I love to do into my daily regimen. Instead, I begin to feel the weight of the world upon my shoulders, and inevitably, the waves of stress start to crash in on me. As soon as a take a step back and observe the life I am leading, there is usually a common denominator: that is, I am forgetting to do “my three.”

“My three” are the three things I try do every day, which fill my world with organic light, with the smell of my favorite memory, with unconditional  love, and leave me with the feeling that everything will be okay. “My three” may not be the same three as the previous day, but I know that once I complete them, I will start to feel as if my life it effortless, stressless, and has a meaning.

Welcome to “my three”

  • 1. Random Act of Kindness (I commonly refer to this as ‘RAK’)


Whatever you’re RAK of the day may be, I promise you, it will fill your life with more light than when you first started your day. One of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite mentors is, “When you’re feeling helpless, help another.” For me, spreading light into the life of another, grounds me and gives me a new perspective.


  • 2. Exercising with friends image2

Often, I feel like I am too stressed to take thirty minutes or an hour out of my day to run. However, it is in the days I do not exercise that I feel most stressed out. For me, running help to alleviate frustration, anticipation, worry, stress, and many other negative thoughts that my mind seems to jog in those jogless days.

I encourage you to find a bestie and check out a new workout class or hit up a new running or walking trail in your area.

Explore, move, and exercise off those negative thoughts.

  • 3. Be creative with your food


As a planner, many variables in my life are planned out extensively. I love planning, do not get me wrong, but at the same time, planning takes the fun and spontaneity out of life. Therefore, I try to make time to create new recipes, try new foods, or test out new restaurants in my area.

I love  this one on “my three” because I am able to try, test, attempt to perfect, and in the process, create recipes that bring my family and friends together.


Whatever “your three” are, I encourage you to make time for them every single day! Some days may be harder than others to fit it all in, but I recommend that you at least try! Say good-bye to the excuses and hello to a new-and-improved, happy YOU!


Believe in your dreams,


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